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recs: multifandom - remixredux09

Got some recs from the most recent round of [community profile] remixredux09.

Battlestar Galactica
Endsong, End of Line (Sights of the Hybrid Sun Remix) [Sam/Kara; rated PG13; 3,700 words] Sam invents basketball.

Doctor Who
What We've Become (The Mt Saint Helens Remix) [Donna/Martha; rated R; 10,500 words] The story works brilliantly to the original with a POV switch, adding layers upon layers in a post-"Journey's End" story. Another review wrote "This is the best fic ever written. The end." I'm inclined to stick with that.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare (The Wild and Whorling Words Remix) [River, Wash; rated G; 3,900 words] River, Wash, toy dinosaurs, and Shakespeare, in five acts. Spot-on voices, the perfect mingling of joy and sorrow. So good it's painful.

Harry Potter
Cast a Long Shadow (We All Meet in the End) [Snape, Petunia, Lily; rated PG; 8500 words]

House M.D.
Unraveled (The Find Your Way In Remix) [House/Cameron/Wilson; rated PG; 1,400 words] Written for me. Totally outclasses the original story.

Like an Onion Inside Out (The Doctor, the Queen, and the TARDIS Remix) [Doctor Who/Chronicles of Narnia; Susan/The Doctor; rated PG13; 11,000 words] A crossover I'd never have imagined - and thus completely brilliant. Funny and poignant at turns.
Ten Synonyms for Sensational (The Dragon/Tardis Overdub) [Doctor Who/Harry Potter; Draco/The Doctor; rated PG] If you've been reading all the intense, sad stuff on this recslist, this will cheer you up. Crack of the best kind: the Doctor and Draco's adventures turned into an illustrated children's book.