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recs: multifandom - femme_fic 2009

The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] femme_fic, a fic exchange based on writing female characters, has wrapped up, so I have some multifandom recs. These aren't culled from everything that was posted - just the fandoms I'm familiar with. And my own contribution!

Battlestar Galactica
A Voice Cries in the Wilderness by [personal profile] ishie. Laura/Ellen, PG13, 2100 words.
"When the world was new and the bitterness of defeat lingered on her tongue, Laura still rose at first light and joined Tory for breakfast every morning."

The Hand Draws What the Mind Knows by [personal profile] falcon_horus. Angela and Brennan, PG, 1200 words. Angela’s mind works in mysterious ways, and when one facial reconstruction looks like an impossible task, a soul search reveals quite an interesting outcome.

Makeover by [profile] slob_child. Zoe, Ensemble, Serenity, PG13, 1400 words. Black creeps into Serenity as she flies through it, star cold shivering into her.

Stargate Atlantis
Fidel Castro in the Fridge by [personal profile] bluflamingo. Sam, Teyla, PG, 6200 words. Some days are like waking up, going to the refrigerator, and finding Fidel Castro in there: you just don’t know what to say. Sam’s not sure she wouldn’t have *preferred* finding Fidel Castro in her fridge.
Paris Is Burning by [personal profile] lyssie. Cadman, Carter, Heightmeyer, PG, 2700 words. Time loops: not just for Ancients anymore.

Beyond This Dusty Road by [personal profile] noveltea. Ellen, PG13, 1900 words. After the fire, after the fight, Ellen re-examines how she got to this point, and where she's headed.
Roadside Blessings by [personal profile] natmerc. Mary, 2700 words. "Bless him, Suliman. Let the angels watch over my boy. Protect him from those that hunt for souls.”

Veronica Mars
In the Middle of Nothing by [profile] madeelly. Veronica/Logan, Piz, 1600 words. Veronica dwells on her place as the super sleuth of Hearst College.
Not a Foolish Thing by [profile] tinylegacies. Veronica/Mac, PG13, 1000 words. "Oh no. I'm never doing anything blindly with you again. I learned that at the Mexican border. Twice."

My fic:
a theory of relativity. River, the Serenity crew, PG, 1400 words. The prompt was "How River gets along with each member of the crew," and I chose Inara, Wash, Kaylee, Jayne, and Simon.