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recs: harry potter - femmefest (femmeslash)

The [livejournal.com profile] femmefest over at LJ just wrapped up and posted its masterlist, so check it out! I loved reading the submissions and I'm a bit proud of my own as well. Here are some recs, what I thought were the best offerings.

Fiddlesticks (Fic/Art). Hermione/Pansy, PG13, 8700 words.
"Getting lost in a good book is easy. It’s getting out that’s a bit more of a challenge."
"Fiddlesticks" is one of those stories that really takes advantage of Rowling's world - all the nooks and crannies and possibilities. Here Hermione and Pansy get trapped in a riddle book and have to find their way out. The accompanying art is charming and reminds me of children's books.

Rainbows (Fic). Lily/Luna-ish, PG13, 1600 words.
"Some people saw the worlds in bright colours and would spend their time chasing them. Luna preferred the greys that haunted the hallways and spilled out onto the cold flagstones of Hogwarts."
As much character study as romance. I love stories about Luna, and this one is particularly poignant.

Gossip and Lollies (Fic). Pansy/Luna, R, 5300 words.
"Pansy lands herself in St. Mungo's and guess who just happens to be her Healer?"
An extremely unlikely couple, right? Well, it kinda works here. If by "kinda" you mean "totally and completely." It's worth checking out for Pansy's voice/narration alone, which has loads of personality and is quite delightful to read.

Plans (Fic). Minerva/Amelia, PG13, 2600 words.
"They never actually made plans to meet up."
Love this. I don't lean toward older characters/pairings (probably because I'm not very old myself) but this story is wonderful.

Slow Summer, Hot Air (Fic). Fleur/Ginny, PG13, 2400 words.
"Ginny feels a little lost in the heat of summer."
I really appreciate how this story deals with the emotional toll and aftermath of the Battle at Hogwarts and how Ginny begins putting the pieces back together.

The Scandalous Tale of the Diagon Nursery Calender (Fic). Hermione/Pansy, R, 13600 words.
"In which Hermione finds herself again following her divorce, becomes re-acquainted with old enemies, and nearly everyone takes their clothes off."
I think what absolutely sells me on this is its clear theme of feminism without being pushy or becoming an "author tract" - it's playful. I also loved how detailed the author would get about photography and the shots that were being taken - they sound like a pro.

French for Celebration (Fic). Ginny/Gabrielle, NC17, 4500 words.
"Perhaps babysitting is the best way to celebrate, after all."
I love the slow build-up of tension between Ginny and Gabrielle, and this story totally took advantage of my go-dancing-and-get-all-hot-and-sweaty kink!

Not a rec, but here's my contribution to the fest:
Collapse Into Me (Fic). Hermione/Fleur, NC17, 2400 words. Warning: infidelity.
"Hermione tries to make herself useful."

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